The AI Employee

Working millions of jobs across thousands of industries to make life easier for everyone, while paying you all the profits.

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wAIge is the revolutionary AI employee built to work any job, in any industry.

It collects data while it works allowing it to expand its capabilities and broaden the industries and roles it covers. Every job it takes on, holders of wAIge will receive the profits providing you income from millions of jobs across the globe.


The AI system, build entirely in-house by our team is a one of a kind AI that will revolutionize the employment landscape. Allowing you to sit back and relax while it does all the hard work, providing you with an income to match even the most renowned CEOs.


Not only will you earn money from wAIge operations, you will have special access to its interface. This allows you to complete any work tasks you wish through it, even running an entire company.


Income collected from wAIge is paid directly to staked holders in wAIge tokens. wAIges are paid every 30 days in line with the minimum staking period.



wAIge taxes trades so staked holders receive reflections to power up their holdings.


Stake your wAIge to receive your monthly income from the AI.


Spend your tokens to access wAIge for yourself.


Part of the taxes from trades are spent directly on the development of the AI.


We have everything in place to grow wAIge rapidly. The experience, the team, the systems.


Your investment is protected. All 4 badges on PinkSale AND we used an escrow service to collect our funds after sale.


Total Supply: 1 Billion
  • Fair Launch: 500 Million
  • Liquidity: 300 Million
  • CEX Listing: 200 Million (locked for 5 months vesting)
  • Buy: 5%
  • Sell: 7%


5% BUY

3% Reflections / 2% AI Development


4% Reflections / 3% AI Development.


Reflections are paid only to staked holders to ensure fair redistribution of tokens and are paid every 30 days.


Phase 1
  • wAIge launch
  • Staking platform launch
  • Trendings / Listings
  • T2 CEX Listings
  • wAIge AI development
  • wAIge AI Alpha Testing
  • Industry Live Test
  • VC Fundraising

  • 2500+ Holders
  • $4m+ Daily Volume
Phase 2
  • Certik Audit
  • Full International Legal Compliance
  • wAIge AI Beta Testing
  • wAIge AI Beta Live
  • wAIge Holders Premium Launch
  • Additional INdustries Added
  • VC Fundraising Complete

  • 10000+ Holders
  • $20M+ Daily Volume
Phase 3
  • Top CEX Listings
  • wAIge AI Live
  • Daily Income Generated by AI paid to holders
  • Dedicated Data Centers
  • Industry/Role Specific AI Models
  • Robotics AI testing

  • 10000+ Holders
  • $50M+ Daily Volume

Core Team


Tim leads the operations of wAIge with 10 years of company ownership experience, and 3 years in the blockchain having been involved in the launch of several successful projects. A key proponent in the architecture design of the AI itself, he ensures the smooth running of wAIge.


George has been building leading tech for who is who in the Industry for the last 40 years. He has had a long stunt with Microsoft and Oracle before venturing into blockchain. He can literally write any kind of code. He is a key asset for wAIge.

SAFU Master

An advocate of SAFU crypto, partnership builders and a web3 accelerator, Safu is an experienced project incubator that has guided tens of projects into millions of dollars of raises with gigantic market caps. Having never put his name on a project before, the potential of wAIge drew him to not only being their first investor, but a core member of the team.


Moon is a tech enthusiast with 8 years of experience as a student in the field. Moon's journey in the world of cryptocurrency began in 2020 with extensive experience as an AMA host and leading social media figure. Leading the growth of wAIge he utilizes the power of a united community to foster engagement and keeps the wheels moving.




Below are a couple of questions and responses on key information about wAIge.

When is the launch?

Fair launch is scheduled on Pinksale for Tuesday 31st October - Thursday 2nd November.

Launch will be on Uniswap on Friday 3rd November.

What are the taxes?

Buy: 5% (3% reflections / 2% AI Development)
Sell: 7% (4% reflections / 3% AI Development)

Reflections are ONLY claimable by holders that stake their tokens. This ensures loyal holders are rewarded, and ensures you don't get annoying token dust when selling or moving your tokens to another wallet.

What blockchain is the project?

The contracts are built using ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain.

This means you need Ethereum to purchase our tokens.

Is there a wallet limit on the token contract?

There are no whale contracts whatsoever, users can hold and trade as many wAIge tokens as they like.

How do I earn wAIges?

You must stake your wAIges on our website for a minimum of 30 days.
Every 30 days we will pay reflections and earned monies from the wAIge AI to holders which they must claim to receive.